Friday, April 11, 2014

On Mud Boots and Grass Stains

 It was a long, loooong, loooooooooong, heavily drifted, violently cold Winter. With the sudden presence of sunshine and the obvious diminishment of snow drifts, it appears that Old Man Winter is finally, begrudgingly melting away to Spring and all of her youthful beauty.

I embrace Spring.

But I'm a mom of two beautiful boys. Energetic, mud-embracing boys.

So embracing Spring means embracing mud boots and grass stains and tree climbing and sun kissed noses and mismatched outfits and happy exhaustion at the end of the day.

And I'm loving it.

Welcome, Spring. We missed you.

Thursday, April 10, 2014

The Two Hands Game

"Two hands, Mom!" He'll say, two fists clasped in front of him; his eyes twinkling irresistably.

It's three year-old for "Guess which hand!" Which is Mom for, "Stop what you're doing and play this game with me and savor this normal and happy moment of my childhood."

And so he gets all of my attention and squeals excitedly as I poke a fist. He giggles when I realize he has the prize hidden in his back pocket. Sometimes the treasure is a tiny toy accessory, sometimes it's a a shred of paper or maybe a candy wrapper. Sometimes, much to his amusement, it's nothing at all. But always it's a moment we share just the two of us, playing a silly little game.

And laughing. Because Jimmy oh! He's so funny!

I ran across a challenge today by a blogger called, Coffee with Two Hands. She explains that when you drink your coffee (or tea, or whatever your beverage is) with two hands, you aren't rushing along. You are holding your cup carefully; you are moving slow... You are savoring the aroma, the taste, the warmth... the moment.

It is not something that comes easily when you're a Mom. I'm likely the guilty-est of them all. I am such a multitasking ninja, I can hardly do one thing with two hands; certainly not my coffee! That's why I need that three year-old's "Two hands, Mom!" to stop me in my tracks.

I need to stop and spend more of these precious, happy moments in slowmo... Every now and then I need to ignore the duties of motherhood and cleanliness and business management, all of which scream relentlessly at me, and just drink my coffee... with my heart wide open, and both my hands clasped around my mug enjoying the giggles of my two favorite little boys...

So here's to drinking at least one mug of coffee a day with two hands. Who's with me?

...But should the three year-old come by with that cute, mirthful twinkle in his eye and mischievous little grin on his face, I might multitask a little bit in that moment and play the two-hands game.

Tuesday, April 8, 2014

The Greatest of Women's Rights

Of all the rights of women,
The greatest is to be a mother.


Thanks to my sister, Tabby, for capturing these special photos with my baby love bug. <3

Friday, April 4, 2014

I am Not What Has Happened to Me

The horrible things that happened to you? The abuse? The illness? The "condition"? The loss? The pain? The suffering? We have a label for everything now days. An excuse and a calling to be drowned by the darkness.

But is that who you are? Is that who you want to be? You don't have to be defined by the bad things that have happened to you.


Accept yourself.

Take a step.

Rise above.

Don't be what has happened to you.


To Become.

Tuesday, April 1, 2014

The Nelson Kids

I love this crazy bunch of kids. They bring so much funny to a photo shoot I have to be cautious of camera shake from laughing so hard.

Landon, 10 years old. 
Basketball player, math whiz, very opinionated on clothing and brands (loves Puma, dislikes Nike, and Under Armour is pretty cool), lover of jokes, laid back... Pretty much just all around awesome in general.

Janae, almost 9. 
Incredible gymnast, passionate, fiery, sweet, fun, energetic. You don't know vibrant until you know this girl. 

Alex, almost 7. 
He's a hard one to sum up because he is so his own person the only way to describe him is by his name. Just so very, very Alex. Every photo he saw of himself he would declare, "Geeeeet riiiiid of iiiiit." Spunky. Goofy. Those eyes, that smile, the crazy cowlicks in his hair... He actually reminds me of a Precious Moments character. Super ridiculously cute and with the personality to match.

Korynne, 3.
 Little Miss Sassafras might be a better name for her, considering she is as sassy as she is cute. But oh, her perfect little girl voice! Sweet as honey. And believe me, those beautiful eyes save her from ever getting in trouble. 

I love these kids, did I mention that?